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Unison Health Sub-Acute Detox Unit Opens

jeff delay

To help combat the opioid epidemic in Lucas County, Unison Health has opened a sub-acute detox facility at their 1212 Cherry Street. The 16-bed unit, now accepting referrals, is expected to serve 400 to 500 individuals per year, with patients averaging stays of 7 to 10 days. According to Jeff De Lay, President and CEO of Unison Health, “this could not have been possible without our community partners. The heroin epidemic plaguing communities across our country cannot be solved by one individual or provider, but together we can make a difference.” In sub-acute detox, the patient receives 24-hour, medically monitored care that is tailored to help them detoxify based on their individual condition. Unison’s sub-acute detox team is led by Khalida Durrani, MD, Sub Acute Detox Medical Director, Ashley Kopaniasz, LPCCS LICDCS, Director of Integrated Drug and Alcohol Services, and Jackie Twining, RN, BSN, Sub-acute Detox Manager. The Unison Health sub-acute detox facility was made possible through the generosity of Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Mercy Health Foundation and Northwest Ohio Labor Fest, Inc. For more information about Unison Health please call 419-693-0631.