Unison Health: A Proud Heritage of Care

With over 250 dedicated staff members serving nearly 8,000 adults, adolescents and children throughout the greater Toledo area, Unison Health is a leading resource for people seeking access to behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and primary healthcare. Unison has three main locations, one in East Toledo and two in the central cities area. We are accredited by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County and the Joint Commission. Our commitment to excellence extends back decades, to a time when caring for behavioral health issues was still an emerging field.

The Ruth S. Ide Center and the East Center for Community Mental Health

In the 1970s, the Ruth S. Ide Center and the East Center for Community Mental Health were formed independently of one another as part of a new approach to caring for behavioral health disorders. Recent breakthroughs in treatment were showing great promise, and it had become increasingly clear that “warehousing” the mentally ill in impersonal institutions was no longer acceptable.

The Ruth S. Ide Center, established in 1972, was formed by the Citizens for Mental Health and Mental Retardation to serve central city residents living mental illness. Named in honor of local mental health activist Ruth Street Ide, the center served the needs of individuals with severe, persistent mental illness. Twenty staff members provided psychosocial rehabilitation, case management, medical and residential services to clients.

The East Center for Community Mental Health, established in 1974, was formed by an advisory committee of community leaders from local schools, hospitals, churches, members of community organizations and community organizers. The center was established as the first community mental health agency in eastern Lucas County. With a focus on serving the outpatient mental health needs of children, adolescents, adults and older adults, the East Center and its staff of 15 quickly became a trusted neighbor on the East Side.

In Unison: The Two Behavioral Health Organizations Merge

In an effort to decrease overhead administrative costs, provide clients with greater access to a range of services and serve a larger geographic area, the Ruth S. Ide and East Center merged in 1995 and became Unison Behavioral Health Group.

The agency officially changed its name to Unison Health in February 2017 to emphasize the full scope of our community-based health services, including our range of integrated health services. If you or someone you know could benefit from Unison Health’s behavioral health services or substance abuse treatment, please contact us online or call 419.214.HOPE today.