It’s not your fault.

Whether they develop over time or come on suddenly, behavioral changes can be shocking and difficult to manage alone.  The mental health professionals at Unison can help. Through therapy, stress management and medication, we can help adults and children who struggle with behavioral issues live a more balanced life.

Warning Signs

You don’t have to go this alone. Our professionals are here to help. Call 419-693-0631 to speak with someone now.

Younger children going through a behavioral crisis may experience a change in school performance and/or trouble sleeping. Other symptoms include:

  • Increased or excessive worry or anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Hypochondria (excessive complaints of physical ailments)
  • Defiance of authority
  • Refusal to follow instructions
  • Frequent temper tantrums
  • Bedwetting

Behavioral changes don’t just affect young children, though. Older children, teenagers, and even adults in a behavioral crisis may turn to drug and alcohol abuse or start hanging out with different friends. They may also experience:

  • A change in eating and/or sleeping habits
  • Defiance of authority
  • Prolonged negative mood or depression
  • Frequent outbursts of anger
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Cruelty to friends

Older children and teens with these behavioral problems will be at risk for removal from school environments and even out-of-home placement.

Adults experiencing behavioral problems risk losing their jobs, damaging relationships, and getting into legal trouble.

Starting a behavioral therapy program and exploring options for medication can help control these negative behaviors and spare you and your loved ones from the fallout.

No matter what age your loved one is, if you notice any of these behavioral changes, don’t try to manage them alone.  Many of these changes occur because of a chemical imbalance in the brain that inhibits impulse control, so disciplinary actions are not only ineffective, in many cases, they can perpetuate the behavioral crisis and even make it more severe. Call 419-693-0631 to get help for your family today.

Unison Health provides 24-hour access to the clients we serve. Any client that is an open case at Unison Health is eligible to use the 24-Hour Access Program. The Program can be accessed by calling any Unison Health number after regular business hours.

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