Since opening its doors in July 2017, Unison Health’s sub-acute detox unit has helped dozens of patients take the most important first step of their lives — the sometimes painful but ultimately rewarding journey from addiction to sobriety. The first few days of that journey can be the most intense, as the process of detoxing from opioids is often accompanied by terrifying withdrawal symptoms. Without trained, dedicated people to guide a person through, it can be all too easy to relapse. Sub-acute detox provides a supportive, medically sound environment to let the true healing process begin.

Real Letters from Sub-Acute Detox Patients

Overcoming an addiction to opioids is one of the most difficult things a person can do. It’s estimated that a person may attempt to quit several times before recovery fully takes hold. Unison Health is proud to report that nearly two-thirds of our patients successfully complete the detox regimen. These people’s stories can be touching, they can be humorous, but most of all they are inspiring, and they show us that a better life is out there for those who seek it.

“I wanted to thank you guys for all that you do. As you know, this is not by any means my first rodeo, so my compliment should mean something! You all truly care and have made an impact on my life. Please know your hard work and attention do not go unnoticed, even by the most grumpy of client! I promise to stop by and say hi and keep you guys up to date. I am so grateful for meeting every one of you!”

“I want to say thank you all. Y’all went above and beyond to make my stay there nice and comfortable. All of y’all were so nice and helpful. I’ve never felt more at home. I enjoyed all the groups as well. Most importantly thank you for helping me save my life.”

Recovery Housing: The Next Chapter in the Story of Hope

Unison Health seeks to provide a continuum of care for every patient who walks through our doors. That means applying our medical approach to ensure that patients not only rid themselves of the drugs in their systems, but also to diagnose any coexisting behavioral health issues and treat the entire patient, physically and mentally. In order to deliver on that promise, Unison Health is in the process of establishing Recovery Housing in the Toledo area.

In Recovery Housing, patients are placed in an environment surrounded by others in recovery, people committed to a drug- and alcohol- free life. In addition to reducing substance use and incarceration rates, Recovery Housing improves social relationships, and promotes emotional well-being.

Rules regarding admittance into recovery housing vary from provider to provider. Unison Health is working to establish 38 Recovery Housing beds here in the Toledo area, so we can provide the continuum of care that we believe is essential to a safe, healthy recovery. We hope you’ll join the many people who have contributed to our efforts.

Unison Health

From sub-acute detox to Recovery Housing, Unison Health believes that no one should have to break free from addiction alone. Our goal is to take those facing the toughest battle of their lives and surround them with a network of caring people. If you or someone you know is facing a substance abuse disorder, Unison Health wants you to know that no one has to go into this battle alone. To get started on the path to a better life, contact Unison Health online or call 419-214-HOPE today.

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