Whether we’re talking about heroin or prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin or Percocet, it’s time for us to change the way we think about opioid addiction. People from all walks of life, and all throughout the Toledo area, have fallen victim to this disease. Men, women and adolescents. Black, white and brown. Rich, poor and middle class. Opioid addiction knows no boundaries, and it takes no prisoners.

As we change the way we think about opioid addiction, we must also look for treatments that are tailored to each individual’s unique condition. That’s where the Unison Health sub-acute detox unit comes in. Located at 1212 Cherry St. in Toledo, Ohio, this 16-bed facility offers a safe place to detox under the care of dedicated medical professionals. In sub-acute detox, receives 24-hour, medically monitored care that is tailored to help them detoxify based on their individual condition. This differs from acute detox, in which the patient is hospitalized throughout the initial detoxification process.

Comprehensive Care for Opioid Addiction and Other Substance Abuse Disorders

When a patient enters into a sub-acute detoxification treatment program, they first undergo a full diagnostic assessment, which takes into account both their physical and psychological state. As many people are using drugs to self-medicate other psychological issues, our trained staff takes great care to go in-depth with every patient, learning everything we can to address the underlying issues that might stand in the way of true recovery. In addition, the patient is placed on the medications necessary to ease the initial symptoms of opioid withdrawal, which can be extremely painful as well as potentially dangerous. This medically assisted withdrawal has been proven effective in reducing the symptoms and cravings that generally occur as a user rids his or her body of opiates such as OxyContin, fentanyl, Percocet or heroin. Our licensed, trained professionals apply that same level of care to any form of substance abuse disorder.

A Customized Approach to Conquering Substance Abuse Disorders

Each person’s addiction is unique, so the approach to recovery must be unique as well. Once the patient has gone through the initial intake and the first few days of detox, an individualized course of treatment is established, which will include cognitive behavioral group therapy and one-on-one sessions. This personal interaction with other people coping with opioid addiction helps give patients the insights needed to better understand their own substance abuse disorder. After the first few days, we encourage the patient to take part in group and individual therapy — we find this is essential in helping people make the transition into a sober lifestyle. Along the way, we also work with each person develop their own unique strategies for recovery.

Professionals Trained in Opioid Recovery, Committed to Caring

Throughout this crucial period of recovery, patients are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated staff of licensed professionals. This team, specifically trained in the treatment of opioid detox, can provide comfort and care through the early days of recovery, when symptoms and cravings for opiates are often at their worst.

Quitting opiates like heroin is a painful, terrifying experience. It’s been compared to the worst case of the flu imaginable. The body is wracked with pain and steeped in fever. Vomiting and diarrhea can be incapacitating, and the afflicted person is consumed with a craving for more narcotics. Understanding both the ravages of addiction and the horrors of withdrawal should be essential to preventing future abuse, yet still the opioid epidemic continues to spread, and the Toledo area has not been spared. The goal of Unison Health is to ensure that the journey through the opiate withdrawal process is as comfortable as possible.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction to opioids, Unison Health’s Sub-Acute Detox Unit, located at 1212 Cherry St. in Toledo, can offer a treatment plan that places them back on the path to hope. To begin this journey, contact Unison Health at 419.693.0631.