Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an alternative to group therapy. The client meets one on one with a licensed mental health professional for a designated period of time. A rapport and trust is developed that allows individuals to better understand themselves and their problems in order to successfully manage their lives. Individual counseling can be provided in our office or in a community setting.

Genesis Partial Hospitalization

The Genesis program is an alternative to hospitalization for adults experiencing psychiatric crisis. The program helps individuals in crisis begin to stabilize, regain hope, interrupt unhealthy patterns, learn new coping mechanisims, and remove barriers to recovery. We provide daily intensive support and treatment, including art therapy and psychoeducation with a strong emphasis on empowerment and improved quality of life, in a group setting. To be eligible, adults must reside in Lucas County, have a serious mental illness, and have an open case with a community mental health center. 

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

This intensive community-based psychiatric program serves the Lucas County Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) population. Clients with significant mental health needs can also access the program. The PACT program consists of case management, health home services and nursing services.

Specialized Group Therapy

We bring together specialized groups composed of individuals with similar issues such as depression or grief. Group therapy affords these individuals the opportunity to see that they are not alone. Under the direction of a Unison Health therapist, the group gives support and offers alternatives, and helps clients learn productive and beneficial behaviors in a climate of trust. Here, people feel free and meet their goals.

Home Choice

Home Choice is a collaborative program involving Unison Health, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and the Ohio Department of Mental Health. The goal is to help long-term nursing facility residents transition to less restrictive, community-based housing such as apartments and group homes. Residents do not have to be a current Unison client to qualify. Unison Health employs two Home Choice Transition Coordinators who help residents obtain benefits, locate and apply for housing, shop for moving necessities such as furniture and household supplies, link with community resources, including medical, and facilitate the actual move. Community Coaches and Life Skills Specialists are available for 365 days after moving.

Health Home Services

Unison Health is certified as a State of Ohio Medicaid Health Home. Adults with a severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) are cared for by a team of professionals who will manage and guide their care including: connecting to doctors, dentists, and counselors; addressing addiction and mental health concerns; helping clients get regular tests and understand the results; and helping doctors better understand what each client needs. There is no additional cost for this care. Medicaid Health Home services are covered under current Medicaid plans.

Psychological Testing

Administered by licensed professionals, Unison Health provides in depth psychological assessments, including but not limited to: intelligence testing and personality assessments. Clinical data is organized and interpreted to answer the referral question(s).

Medication Management

We offer medical services and medication management for adults, children and adolescents as related to their behavioral health disorder.

Crisis Intervention

Current clients of Unison Health have access to licensed professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physical Health Care

We provide integrated medical services with a family practice physician on site.  We also refer clients to physicians and specialists in the community.

Unison Health provides 24-hour access to the clients we serve. Any client that is an open case at Unison Health is eligible to use the 24-Hour Access Program. The Program can be accessed by calling any Unison Health number after regular business hours.

For more information on Unison Health, please call 419-693-0631.