Initially, you’ll spend a few minutes with a member of our professional intake staff.

He or she will collect some basic information such as your name, birth date, and insurance carrier, and asses your need for our services.

Once we verify your insurance coverage, we’ll help you determine the best plan for your treatment and/or recovery, and then we’ll schedule your individual diagnostic assessment.

The initial diagnostic assessment takes approx  2 hours. Afterward, you’ll participate in developing your treatment plan, which may include medical services, individual therapy, group therapy, or community psychiatric supportive treatment. Your treatment plan will be completely customized to meet your individual needs.

Unison Health's team of certified professionals will manage and guide your care as we work to help you find hope again.

Unison Health provides 24-hour access to the clients we serve. Any client that is an open case at Unison Health is eligible to use the 24-Hour Access Program. The Program can be accessed by calling any Unison Health number after regular business hours.

For more information on Unison Health, please call 419-693-0631.