Unison Health

A letter from Unison Health’s President and CEO, Jeffrey R. De Lay:

jeff delay

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued commitment to our agency and share with you some exciting news. Unison Behavioral Health Group is now Unison Health.

Along with our name change we are examining ways to maintain and even raise our standards of care. Whether it is through the physical appearance of our buildings, engaging with our community to partner with others, creating new programs to deal with addiction, or simply providing hope for someone who walks through our doors, everyone who comes to Unison, regardless of their situation or mental health need, can be assured that they will receive the same high standard of care.

We are always asking ourselves how can we take Unison to the next level and simultaneously create a continuum of care that is as complete as possible while maintaining a commitment to our values:

         We are a person centered, family and community focused organization.
         We are an individual first, evidence based, driven agency.
         We are fiscally responsible and accountable with the highest standards of integrity.
         We are culturally sensitive and competent.
         We achieve our mission and vision through partnership and collaboration

Thanks to our dedicated staff, board of directors and community partners, Unison Health is poised for growth. Together, our goal to create hope for our community will allow us to reach even more individuals who deserve to have access to the best health care team in the region. I wish you well in 2017.