Corporate Compliance at Unison

At Unison Health, we are committed to conducting business in an ethical and legal manner and following all laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices that affect our business and services.  

We have a Compliance Program to assist in preventing violations from occurring, whether accidental or intentional, detecting violations when they occur, and preventing reoccurrence.  Our Compliance Program includes training, established communication processes without fear of reprisal, internal monitoring and audit, prompt response and enforcement. The Compliance Program is overseen by the Corporate Compliance Officer and the Board of Directors.   

Our Code of Conduct provides guidance on the way all Unison Health representatives are expected to do business.  It establishes the expectation that all employees and other representatives comply with all laws, are honest in all communications, maintain confidentiality, and conduct business of the agency with the highest standard of ethics.  It also requires disclosure of any perceived conflicts of interests and prohibits any business inducements.

For more detailed information about Unison Health’s Compliance Program and Code of Conduct, please refer to Unison Health’s policy number 110, available upon request.

Your Voice Matters

We rely on you to assist us in our efforts by reporting any concerns you many have regarding compliance.  Please call our Compliance Hotline locally at 419-936-7700 or toll free at 1-844-204-0744.  This is a confidential phone line to which calls can be made anonymously.  All calls received are reviewed and followed up on promptly.