Unison Health is continuing to take action to provide the highest quality care while helping to do our part to stem the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 

At this time, we are modifying the delivery of services to improve safety for our clients and staff. 
Below is a list of programs and services offered at this time. 
Please know that this information will be updated frequently so please check back often.


  • Psychiatry: appointments by Telehealth offered. Office appointments are available.

  • Individual Counseling: appointments by Telehealth offered.  Office appointments are also available.

  • ACT Team: still maintaining 24/7 coverage for existing clients.

  • Case Management services: appointments by Telehealth offered. Office and community appointments are available.

  • Wood County Crisis Line and Mobile Crisis Team in full operation.

  • Substance Use Programs (treatment including Dual Diagnosis and AOD): appointments by Telehealth offered. 

  • SPERA (Day Treatment): Groups are suspended, therapists are offering individual (face to face) and Telehealth therapy.

  • Residential Programs: in full operation, no changes to services.

  • Sub-Acute Detox: standard operations, no changes in services.

  • Medication Therapy (Substance Use): please attend appointments as arranged by your provider. If you are not sure about your next appointment please call 419 214-4673.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (419) 214-4673.



In an attempt to keep our clients and staff safe, we are offering TeleHealth appointments with Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Case Managers.

If you have a phone, computer, or other smart device, you can receive services from the comfort of your own home.
Contact Unison at 419-214-4673 and ask for a TeleHealth appointment with your Therapist, Doctor, or Case Manager.

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