Addiction Treatment Week

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Published: April 24, 2018

Addiction Is a Disease — and Treatment Is Available!

Over 20 million Americans struggle with addictions of all kinds, with alcohol and opioids taking a particularly heavy toll on society. In recognition of that fact, and as way to highlight the many treatment options available throughout the region, Governor John Kasich has designated April 23–29 as Addiction Treatment Week. In the official proclamation, Governor Kasich encourages all Ohioans to “raise awareness that addiction is a disease and treatment is available.”

Unison Health applauds this proclamation, as it represents one more occasion in which our conventional wisdom regarding addiction has changed for the better. For decades, society viewed addiction as a moral or personal failing. A person living with an addiction simply lacked the self-control to stop using. Over the years, though, we have a far greater understanding of the impact alcohol and drugs have on the brain and the body. As a result, we have come to realize that treating addiction as a medical condition can do far more to help a person transition into long-term sobriety.

We also heartily concur with the resolution as it states, “Every Ohioan has the right to achieve their God-given purpose and deserves the opportunity to enter in and sustain a long term recovery.” Caring for the entire patient, with an emphasis on primary care and the treatment of behavioral health disorders, the team of dedicated professionals at Unison Health has made real recovery — and real hope — the cornerstone of their mission.

Unison Health Takes Great Strides in Addiction Medicine

During Addiction Treatment Week, it’s especially appropriate that we are able to announce that we are further reinforcing our commitment to preventing substance abuse disorders by fully embracing the medical model for the treatment of addiction.

Unison Health has made a medical model the centerpiece of our entire approach, from medically assisted detox to an overall emphasis on primary care throughout the recovery process. That commitment to medical care is now stronger than ever with the certification of our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Tufal M. Khan, in the subspecialty of Addiction Medicine.

Addiction Medicine: More Hope for Recovery from Substance Abuse Disorders

Addiction Medicine specialists such as Dr. Khan focus on every aspect of treatment for substance abuse disorders, from the initial evaluation and diagnosis of the client to the treatment and recovery designed to benefit individuals over time. In addition, because a person’s addiction can also take a toll on the people around them, Dr. Khan is trained to work with family members whose health and functioning have also been affected. And because Unison Health is dedicated to the prevention of substance abuse disorders in the first place, Dr. Khan is also involved in efforts on that front.

In order to receive this certification, Dr. Khan spent hundreds of hours directly involved in the clinical care of people living with addictions. In addition to his certification in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Khan is also board-certified in psychiatry, with subspecialty certification in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Unison Health Offers Hope for Alcohol Addiction.

For people struggling with addiction to alcohol, and for their families, Unison Health’s commitment to Addiction Medicine can be a tremendous help. Our team of licensed professionals work with individuals to develop a path to sobriety that meets their specific needs. Learn more about Unison Health’s substance abuse treatment services here, or call 419-214-HOPE to speak with someone today.