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Published: February 13, 2019 by Eric Klinger

Win $1,000 for Your School’s After Prom — Enter ProjectPROM Today!


Unison Health is working with BCSN/BCAN to help one school win $1,000 for their after-prom activities, and you can help!


BCSN and BCAN’s Jordan Tomase and Jessica have been visiting Lucas County high schools, talking to students about the importance of staying drug- and alcohol-free on Prom Night. It’s a great opportunity for schools to share their plans for the social event of the season, as well as the ways they’re working to make the night is safe and fun for their whole class.


If you missed your chance to talk to Jordan or Jessica, no worries! You can still submit your own 30-second videos and you’ll be entered to win the $1,000 — as well as some very cool prizes for yourself.


Simply record yourself talking about the importance of a sober prom season, then post your video to Twitter and tag Unison Health (@UnisonHealthTol), BCSN (@BCSNsports), and BCAN (@BCANarts). Contest winners will be announced March 11, 2019.


ProjectPROM is made possible thanks to a grant from Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County. Click the link below for all the details and contest rules.


One 30-second video — and a chance to show off your creativity and powers of persuasion — it’s that easy! If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, though, we have a few suggestions that might inspire you.


Strategies You Can Use to Win ProjectPROM


Divide and Conquer. If you’re a member of your school’s prom committee, get together to decide on an overall messaging strategy. Then try splitting yourselves up into smaller groups and have each group think of a different way to approach that message.


A few different takes on the same subject could be just the thing to get your point across with our judges. With several separate entries, you can increase your chances of bringing home the thousand bucks!


Drop Some Science. When you know the facts about how alcohol and drugs affect young people’s brains, the better equipped you’ll be to talk about the need to make your after-prom safe and healthy. Doing just a little research about the topic before you press Record


For example, did you know that your prefrontal cortex — the part of your brain that controls decision-making — isn’t fully formed until you’re in your 20s? Because of this, the adolescent brain is even more susceptible to the effects of alcohol.


There’s Strength in Numbers. About 75% of high-school students surveyed said they think they’ll be pressured to drink or use drugs on their prom night. And even though 40% of students surveyed say they’re planning to drink on prom night, that still means that the majority aren’t! What if you could help your classmates feel like they won’t be alone if they choose not to use?


The more students who stand up and say they’re going to prom sober, the less your classmates will assume they’ll face peer pressure on prom night.


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