Recovery Housing: An Investment in Toledo

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Recovery from opioid addiction is a lifelong process. Every day calls for a renewed commitment to staying clean and sober, and no one should have to go it alone. Unison Health’s substance abuse services are there to assure every patient that they have a partner on their journey to a better life. By integrating Recovery Housing into our range of services, we can do even more for our clients — and for the community as a whole.

Recovery Housing Is Effective — and Cost-Effective

For many people battling addiction, the period immediately following detox is a crucial turning point. Individuals who lack a strong support system or the means to transition into a new environment can find themselves living on the streets or in homeless shelters. Too often, this leads to individuals returning to their old habits.

In Recovery Housing, patients are placed in a setting with other people who are also making a commitment to sober living. In addition to reducing substance use and incarceration rates, Recovery Housing improves social relationships, and promotes emotional well-being.

In addition to the heavy toll return to addiction places on the individual, the costs of addiction to the community are also extremely high. By providing a safe place to readjust to a life without drugs and alcohol, Recovery Housing delivers savings for the community as a whole. Based on the costs associated with providing further substance abuse services, and factoring in the illegal activity and incarceration that accompany addiction, Recovery Housing is estimated to save the community nearly $29,000 per person.¹

Unison Health Seeks to Offer Recovery Housing

Unison Health’s approach provides a continuum of care, in which the treatment of substance abuse disorders also integrates behavioral health and primary care. Recovery Housing represents the next step in ensuring that continuum of care. That’s why Unison Health is raising funds to establish 38 Recovery Housing beds here in the Toledo area.

We have received a pledge of nearly $500,000 in grant funding from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, as well as $83,000 from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County. We are very close to meeting our fundraising goal, thanks to an incredible outpouring of support from our Board, our staff and people from all walks of life.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to provide Recovery Housing in keeping with the Unison Health approach. Every contribution is an investment in the people who are brave enough and strong enough to face down their addiction and take those crucial first steps toward freedom. Not only that, it’s an investment in the greater Toledo area, freeing up the vital resources needed to ensure a safer, healthier community for all of us.

¹Anthony T. Lo Sasso, et al. Benefits and costs associated with mutual-help community-based recovery homes: The Oxford House model. Evaluation and Program Planning, Volume 35, Issue 1, February 2012, Pages 47-53 

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