Thank You!

To all Therapists, Case Managers, Nurses, and Psychiatrists

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Published: March 22, 2020 by Bill Emahiser

Social distancing is an appropriate strategy to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. But for those individuals with mental health and addiction issues, this isolation can increase the risk of self harm or suicide, violence, psychotic episodes or relapse. Connecting with peers, counselors and physicians is a key part of the recovery process for those with a mental health or substance abuse disorder. Without this support, they may be at increased risk.

Because of the importance of connection, even during this crisis, our mental health workers are reaching out to our clients in their homes, providing treatment, and overseeing recovery in our residential sites. We are connecting with children and families, the homeless, and the elderly, which may take us into their homes, shelters or the community at large.

Our team is continuing to make these efforts at risk to their own health in order to keep our clients and our community safe. We want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our therapists, community mental health workers, nurses, and physicians and thank them for their selfless service. We appreciate your caring hearts and generous spirit!


Thank You!

Source: Unison Health