Unison Health Expands Substance Abuse Services in Wood County

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Published: September 17, 2018 by Eric Klinger

Unison Health Expands Substance Abuse Services in Wood County

Earlier this year, Unison Health began providing a number of behavioral health services to Wood County, and in that time we’ve helped create hope for countless people throughout the area. Now Unison Health is pleased to announce that we are expanding our services even further, offering a wider range of treatments for substance abuse disorders. By bringing these services to our Bowling Green office, we are doing our part to help battle the opioid crisis that has affected virtually every corner of this region. 

Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Wood County Adults

As opioids and other drugs maintain their grip on our population, ensuring access for the people of Wood County has never been more important. Unison Health provides people with a variety of services designed to assist with every facet of recovery, including parenting issues, codependency, and trauma — issues that become deeply intertwined with addiction, a disease that truly affects everyone it touches.

Through group treatment, individual counseling, family counseling, and overall case management, we work with closely with the individual to offer strategies that lead to long-term recovery. In addition, everything we provide is rooted in evidence-based curricula, so families can be assured their loved ones are receiving treatment with a track record of success.

A Dual Recovery Approach Plus Medication Assisted Recovery

For many adults, substance abuse is a way to self-medicate an undiagnosed behavioral health issue. The licensed professionals at Unison Health take the time needed to understand every aspect of a client’s physical, mental, and emotional health in order to fully assess his or her specific needs. Clients with a severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) co-occurring with a substance abuse disorder will receive the counseling and/or psychiatric services that set them up for success as they enter into their individual recovery process.

Once the initial process begins, Unison Health offers an outpatient withdrawal program that includes medical services and opiate replacement medication along with group and individual therapy. This medication assisted recovery is part of Unison Health’s continuum of care, in which we see to the overall wellness of the client. Medication assisted recovery has proven itself to deliver excellent outcomes for people looking to ease their transition into a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Access to Sub-Acute Detox and Recovery Housing for Wood County Residents

Although Unison Health’s Sub-Acute Detox facility and Recovery Housing units are located in Toledo, they are also available for our Wood County clients as they transition into a post-addiction lifestyle. In Sub-Acute Detox, clients receive 24/7, medically supervised care designed to ease them off opioids by alleviating the discomfort associated with withdrawal. Unison Health’s Sub-Acute Detox facility is located at 1212 Cherry Street in downtown Toledo.

Following the initial detoxification process, Unison Health offers assistance with housing, so clients can transition into an environment where they are surrounded by people who are equally committed to sober living. In doing so, Unison Health is working to reduce the incidence of relapse and future incarceration, as well as strengthening the social ties that help people stay positive on their journey to wellness.

Treatment for Additional Addictive Behaviors

People who come to Unison Health receive in-depth mental health and addictive behavior assessments, which enables us to diagnose other addictive behaviors such as eating disorders and gambling addictions. From there, we work with each individual to develop a plan that steers him or her onto a path that leads to recovery.

We are proud to expand our treatment options, and we look forward to bringing more hope to people throughout Wood County who are struggling with substance abuse issues. For more information, please call Unison Health today at 419-214-HOPE. And to reach our Wood County Crisis Line, with 24-hour access to immediate help, call 419-502-HOPE.