What to Expect with Detox

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Published: August 30, 2018 by Eric Klinger

Unison Health Detox and Beyond: What to Expect.

Your body, your mind and your spirit are all telling you the same thing: It’s time.

It’s time to free yourself from drugs and alcohol. It’s time to get sober.

Even though you know you’re ready, though, it’s still scary. But if you know what to expect, you have a much better chance of taking the first steps toward getting the help you need.

Unison Health has helped countless people, people who were once right where you are today, take their first steps toward a life free from opioids, alcohol and other substances. We can walk you through what you can expect during the first few days, and how these initial steps can help you stay on the path to a sober lifestyle.

Day 1: Medication-Assisted Detox

When you first arrive at the Unison Health Sub-Acute Detox Center, located at 1212 Cherry Street in Toledo, you’ll sit down with a trained therapist who will complete a full diagnostic assessment. He or she will ask you a ton of questions about your entire medical history and your current substance use. All that information helps us get to know you and figure out the best way to treat you while you’re here. 

In addition, a nurse will give you a routine check-up — your temperature, your blood pressure, etc. — and start some lab work. Within your first 24 hours, you’ll meet with the Unison Health physician, who specializes in addiction and substance use disorders. The doctor will take all the information gathered so far and determine what you’ll need as you begin to detox.

On the first day, you’ll probably be placed on medications designed to make withdrawal as painless as possible. Withdrawal from any substance is serious, and we want to make sure the discomfort doesn’t get bad enough to send you back to using.

Day 2: Consulting with an Unison Health Addiction Specialist

Once your meeting with your doctor has taken place (which will be on Day 1 or Day 2), you’ll be placed on the course of treatment he or she recommends. The treatment will be based on your personal needs and your drug of choice.

For a lot of people, though, the first couple days of detox can be kind of scary — you’re out of your home environment, your body is doing all sorts of unusual things and your old coping mechanisms are no longer available. Our clinicians are trained to talk you through everything, both the physical concerns and what you’re going through emotionally, and that can be very meaningful as you’re at this stage in your recovery.

Days 3, 4 and Beyond: Recovery Housing and More Support

As your physical state improves, you should be ready to engage in some of our cognitive behavioral group sessions. These groups are made up of people who are starting or re-engaging with recovery, and they can be a great support system during this time. Medical staff will continue to help you manage any remaining symptoms of withdrawal. By this time, we will probably begin to gradually take you off the medications you’ve been taking for your withdrawal symptoms, and you’ll start working with your counselor to develop your own, specific recovery plan tailored to your needs.

These plans might involve moving into Recovery Housing. Here, you’ll live with other people who are also making a commitment to sober living. In addition to reducing substance use and incarceration rates, Recovery Housing improves social relationships, and promotes emotional well-being.

It’s natural to be anxious when you’re taking a step like this, but everyone here at Unison Health is as committed to your recovery as you are. We hope a little understanding about what to expect goes a long way, and that you’ll make the call that sets you on the path to a better life! Call 419-214-HOPE to talk to us today!