As a parent or caregiver, you are fully invested in your child’s well-being – including their mental and emotional health. 

Child and Family Therapy Services Program

At Unison Health, we recognize that most families want to stay together. By building on the family’s strengths, we can make that happen. The Child and Family Therapy Program works with families just like yours, helping maintain, support and preserve the family unit. By creating significant positive changes, your strengthened family will be better equipped to remain intact, safely and securely.

Children ages 5-17 with a mental health diagnosis are eligible, as well as family members with mental health symptoms that impact family functioning. In addition to helping young people navigate life’s emotional challenges, the program benefits children in foster care, and even those in jeopardy of being removed from their home or school setting.  

Early Childhood Mental Health Therapy

Unison Health’s Early Childhood Mental Health Therapy team is committed to supporting the parents and guardians of young children. That’s why we offer treatment services, including individual therapy and family therapy, as well as parenting groups for children age 0-5. 

Children often need help coping with difficulties such as divorce or other life adjustments. Other children and families may be struggling with more serious issues, such as abuse, neglect, or severe emotional disorders. Any of these children may benefit from Early Childhood Mental Health Therapy. Whether the children are at risk for out-of-home placement, or are already in placement outside their homes, these treatment services can help facilitate successful reunification with their families. 

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

If you’re caring for a child who is struggling in his or her childcare center, Unison Health’s Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) program provides consultative services that can truly help. The target population is children ranging from 0-5 years old and is open to children attending day care or preschool in Lucas, Sandusky, and Seneca counties.

This initiative is funded by the State of Ohio through their Whole Child Matters Grant and was started in an effort to reduce the rate of kindergarten suspensions. 

School-based Programming

Is your child having difficulty regulating his or her feelings or behavior—or showing signs of depression, anxiety, ADHD or other disruptive behavioral concerns? Our school-based programming can help improve classroom performance and encourage emotional self-control. By helping your child identify their interests and abilities, and develop their organizational skills, we can help them develop decision-making and conflict-resolution skills that utilize individual strengths. 

This programming runs on the Toledo Public School calendar and is offered in a number of schools, 5 days per week. Office-based services are also available when school is closed.

Medication Management

For children age 3-18 who can benefit from medication in the treatment of an identified psychiatric disorder, Unison Health offers a medication management program. Young people who present with symptoms consistent with a psychiatric disorder can receive the necessary evaluation and continuous monitoring necessary to ensure optimal results.  

Never lose hope.

Your child’s behavioral health is essential! Contact Unison Health today to learn more about these services. If you need help or know someone who does, call our team at 419.214.HOPE.