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Unison Health provides a continuum of care for people coping with substance use disorders, treating medical, behavioral and social issues and providing a path to true wellness.

Outpatient Services

Alcohol and Substance Use Treatment for Adolescents (ages 11–18)

  • Adolescents struggling with alcohol or other substances have specific needs, and Unison Health has treatment options designed just for them. Our experienced, highly trained staff works with parents, caregivers, schools and juvenile court systems to develop effective strategies for recovery.
  • Using a variety of interventions, including the Seven Challenges model, Unison Health collaborates with teens through group and individual treatment to help them attain and maintain sobriety.
  • Available at Lucas County locations only.

Alcohol and Substance Use Treatment for Adults (ages 18 and up)

  • Using the Matrix Model, Unison Health works closely to help adults with substance use disorders achieve sobriety and total wellness. In addition, we help adults develop strategies to maintain their sobriety during and after completion of the program.
  • We offer a variety of services, including group and individual counseling, family counseling and case management to help meet individualized goals. Clients also have access to specialized groups that use evidence-based curricula, such as interactive parenting, co-dependency and trauma groups. 
  • Dual Recovery
    For individuals living with a severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) and a co-occurring substance use disorder, Unison Health offers services that include group treatment, individual counseling, case management and psychiatric services. 
  • Medication Assisted Recovery
    Unison Health provides an outpatient medication assisted withdrawal program, in which clients receive medical services and support, opiate replacement medication, group treatment and individual therapy.
  • Available at Lucas and Wood County locations.

Other Addictive Services (Eating Disorders, Gambling, etc.)

  • Through comprehensive mental health and addictive behavior assessments, Unison Health helps develop individualized care plans that address a wide range of addictions. 
  • Available at Lucas and Wood County locations.
Our culturally diverse staff has significant expertise in the treatment of substance abuse and mental health issues (dual diagnosis). As a result, the average completion rate for outpatient treatment among clients 12 years and older is 24% higher than the national average.*

* According to statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Residential Services


Post-Detox Recovery Residence

  • The Recovery Residence at 2310 Jefferson Avenue and 1212 Cherry St follows the placement criteria set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), which ensures that clients who present with addiction or co-occurring conditions have a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan in place.
  • Each client’s strengths, assets, resources and support structures are evaluated prior to placement. In addition, Unison Health staff can assist with an individual’s transition to housing. 
  • Available to Unison Health clients in Lucas and Wood Counties.

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Unison Health has been caring for the people of this region for nearly 50 years. We understand the needs of this community and its people, and we’re here to help you understand every aspect of your treatment. We are dedicated to providing effective, accessible and affordable services. Unison Health accepts Ohio Medicaid and most private insurances.