Day 1

Upon entering the detoxification center, your therapist will complete a full diagnostic assessment. This helps us to get to know you and answer any questions you have. 

A nurse will give you a medical check-up and report your concerns to the Unison physician. The doctor will meet with you within your first 24 hours. You’ll also have some lab work started. This helps the doctor meet all your needs right from the start. Finally, the medical staff will begin any medication that can make your journey to recovery as comfortable as possible.

Day 2

On day two, you will meet with your doctor, who will go over your lab work with you and determine your unique, individualized course of treatment. Treatment may be specific to your former drug of choice. You are taking a big (and sometimes scary) step toward a new life. You may need help processing everything! If you need to talk, trained clinicians are here to help. It’s important to discuss how you feel not just physically, but also psychologically. It’s a big part of your recovery.

Day 3

We hope by day 3 you’re feeling better and are ready to engage in some of our cognitive behavioral group sessions. These groups are made up of people just like you, people who are starting or re-engaging with recovery. In these groups you will work to evaluate concerns and develop a recovery plan. Throughout your stay, medical staff will continue to help you manage any remaining symptoms of withdrawal. By this time, we hope that you are feeling better and medications can slowly be discontinued under the supervision of the Unison Medical Team.

Day 4

Onward: Group and individual sessions are available and may be encouraged by the staff in order to best ensure continued sobriety. We hope to have you off any comfort medications. At this time, you’ll start working with your counselor to develop your own, specific recovery plan tailored to your needs. We will also do everything possible to assist you with starting your new lifestyle. We will partner with you to eliminate any barriers to recovery and happiness. If you feel you could benefit from continued treatment outside of the detoxification center and would like to do so with Unison Health, we will connect you directly with your counselor in the outpatient treatment program before you leave detoxification services.